Design Services

Whether it's a simple business card or a multi-page website, I'm here to help.

Web Design and Development

Let me help you establish and enhance your presence on the web with a sleek and functional design that you'll love.

Logo and Branding

Whether it's a completely new brand or an updated identity, I want to bring your company's vision to life.

Print Graphics

Business cards, flyers, invitations, clothing, pens, mugs, etc. If it can be printed on, I can design for it.

Logo Design

Whether you need a brand new logo or want to update your existing one, you're at the right place. Each logo I create is designed to stand strong in black and white as well as color. They're completely scalable and flexible to ensure that your company's identity looks amazing at all times. Contact me today to see what I can create for you.

Project Highlights

I love that I've had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects. From logos and business cards to websites and even card games, I've had my hand in a little bit of everything. Below are just a few of the many projects that I enjoyed working on.

  • Geared Card Game

    Geared is a 2-4 player game where players must earn the most points through building bikes. Click on the image for more details.

  • TransAmerica Route Guide

    From the number of bike shops to expected riding conditions, this iPad app outlines the entire Bike the US for MS TransAm Route. Click on the image for more details.

  • Operation Success

    Operation Success was the theme for the 2013 Carbondale Chamber of Commerce Annual Banquet. Click on the image for more details.

My Fundamental Principles of Design

From logos to websites, I strive to consistently do the best work I can do, every time; because you deserve nothing less.

Logo files must be clean and easy to work with. Websites need to be easily maintained. I make sure my work is always of the highest quality to make it easier for you in the future.
A good design must be visually appealing. This allows you to appropriately connect to your target market ensuring the effectiveness of your graphic.
Not only does a design need to look good, but it needs to function good as well. Although a business card and a rack card may seem similar, they each serve a specific purpose and it's important they function accordingly.
Along with the look and function of a design, it needs to clearly communicate what is intended. Through font choice, color, placement, images and heirarchy, I can make sure that your graphic or website is saying exactly what you want it to.
A logo should look good in all sizes, from a pen to a billboard. A website should shine regardless of if it's on a phone or large monitor. I always design with multiple mediums in mind to make sure your design looks its best wherever you see it.
Every element of each design I create has a purpose. I don't try to just fill the space, but be efficient in all aspects of design. I make sure that each design clearly and concisely communicates what's intended.